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December 2018 | Ludhiana, Punjab


Learning is not growing, Growing is Implementing on what you know already. 

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Earlier which was not possible, now it is.

Yes, We are in Ludhiana. Done all the hard work of finding top leaders in the SEO industry where You can learn over their shoulders.

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December 2018

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We provide Complete in-house training in Search Engine Optimisation. Both Manual & with Industry Level Softwares like Ahrefs, Majestic, Moz. From Basic to Advance. Contact Us NOW.

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Welcome Ludhiana

SEOinLudhiana provides the top experts of Search Engine Optimisation(SEO) who are willing to teach you to the depth of Search Marketing in India.

There has been a lot of dust throughout the SEO atmosphere. Years before it was easy to rank any website with few to no competition and now that same dust of old approaches is what we all come in contact with. Instead of focusing on where the dust is. We should try to sweep it out and have a clean canvas. Where focus and knowledge has a chance to grow.

If you know even a tiny bit of SEO, then we bet you recognize there is a lot of Us, like really really allot of SEO Experts.

First, We need to think of “Why?”.

To the Simplest, India is Rising in Digital/Online Marketing. And people in general, lack the understanding about it. Confusing SEO and Digital Marketing Same.
Here come the cheap SEO services giving page 1 Guarantees on your chosen keyword. Basically, exploiting people because of their lack of understanding in this course.

/me seoinludhiana is publically laughing…

We will try to be Straight and Clear First, Then Elaborating it in Second.

First, SEO aka Search Engine Optimisation is a ‘SMALL’ part of Digital Marketing.

Is SEO Important then??

100% with the right approach, But ‘Small’.

Big/Small Businesses in India tend to assume as both digital marketing and SEO is similar.
It’s Not.

Second, If it is so small then,

Why there is such a growth in the SEO Industry?

Because the 1st page of Google Only includes top 10 Results. Out of which you will hardly click on a 4th result. Indeed, we can see there is a need for organic approach conversely bidding on Google AdWords to be on top for a lifetime.
With an Expectation from people like us to click on it where we generally tend to ignore those and skip to the organic top 10 listings on Google Search Engine Ranking Page(SERP).
That’s the Truth, Right? let us have some more…

There is much of a learning curve in SEO, and rarely you will know someone who does the SEO Right way. If you know them, then you also know the Real Price of SEO. It is Expensive. Locally? Maybe Not. For National/International It is. It takes the good & right amount of Competition Analysis, Niche Research, Trends, Branding, and this list is very long.

We are confident that Google will be showing only top 10 Results in future years, and the competition is just going to be stronger. There is no such thing as Cheap SEO Services, Cheap SEO Courses, Cheap Digital Marketing. That THING is only going to hurt your business and waste your time.

Time, which could have been utilized in all the potential growth,

Money which could have been invested in a variety of Mutual Funds & Bonds.

None of which is coming back.

How cheap SEO services will hurt your business?

Our veins run Indian blood, and Bargaining for a lower price is in our kinda our Birth Right. Right?

Just keep in mind to this present SEO has changed allot. Basics are same, but the approaches are hugely different. Backlinks Do Count as it was years before, and still. Quality & Contextual links are what matters now which cheap SEO’s fail to provide. A thing called LTV(Life Time Value) of the customer is something those services providers don’t give a damn about. We cannot go through each vs. point over here, understand it takes a lot of research, analysis, on-site optimization to even start performing SEO.

Well, If you still want to go for those instead of premium ones. Go Go. And Make a deal with them to rank a new website on keyword “fat loss”. Get a cheap quote, send us [email protected]. We will have a deal and on your success.

  • We will close this website.

  • You will never ever hear a word from us again.

  • We won’t be teaching Best SEO in Ludhiana.

  • We won’t be providing Best SEO Services in Ludhiana.

Until then, If you are one of us and want the best for India.

Are you Passionate Enough?

Ready to beat the Real competition and still be Successful with Good SEO. Then, Above are the list of Institutes/In-house/Companies who are right now available and willing to hold your hands with all their hard work, research on their other hand, jumping all the hurdles along with you giving you real experience in this never-ending field called SEO.

We are the group of Experts in Search Engine Optimisation, We provide industry level teachings available in Ludhiana.

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